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If you would like to contact Purple Dinosaur Music, please use the information relevant to your query below.

General Enquiries

If you have a question about Purple Dinosaur Music and would like a member of our team to personally respond to you, please contact us at:

Alternatively, you can contact us via social media.

Artists & Sync


Purple Dinosaur strives to nurture musicians.  For this reason, we offer a free feedback service on music sent to our demo inbox.  All music submitted will receive A&R feedback.

Please only send a private streaming link to your submission with a download option enabled (Soundcloud preferred). Emails containing MP3 and WAV attachments will be deleted without consideration.

If you are an existing Purple Dinosaur artist, please contact your A&R in the usual manner.

Content Creators

Although highly unlikely, if you receive a Content ID claim, please contact and we will resolve it with the utmost urgency.