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Purple Dinosaur Presents: Frazer Mitchell

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Frazer Mitchell

27 year old musician and DJ, Frazer Mitchell has an extensive background in music. Sustaining a steady DJ career whilst aiding upcoming artists, Frazer Mitchell lives up to his jack of all trades reputation.   1.  You’re a jack of all trades so I’m not…

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Tiems

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Tiems

From a young age, Tiems has been focused on becoming a performer. Beginning singing as a child, he made the decision that all he wanted to do is make music.   Inspired by some of the earliest artists to set foot in a recording studio,…

Purple Dinosaur Presents:  Joshua Edwards

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Joshua Edwards

Joshua Edwards is fast establishing himself as a go-to writer and lyricist in the electronic music scene.   Following collaborations with Tobu and Electro-Light which have collected more than 11M streams, Purple Dinosaur sat down for a socially distanced chat to talk about his life…

Purple Dinosaur Presents:  Betcon

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Betcon

Japanese music producer and DJ Betcon, says experimenting and incorporating opposite sounding genres is what allows music to evolve.   Betcon is excited for Covid-19 to clear across the world so he can resume DJing clubs and music festivals across Tokyo, and is keen on…

Purple Dinosaur Presents:  Kooky

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Kooky

Whether it’s EDM, K-Pop, Hip-Hop or R&B – Kooky is already making it and says he hates to limit himself to specific genres.   South Korean DJ / Producer Kooky is already working with well known K-Pop artists and explains why music is now more…

Purple Dinosaur Presents:  Patrick Harrison

Purple Dinosaur Presents: Patrick Harrison

At only 19-years-old, Patrick Harrison is balancing being a full time medicine student with building a career in the music industry.   The Thai music producer says everything comes down to time management and wants to make the most out of any time he has.…