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Purple Dinosaur Presents: Kooky

Purple Dinosaur Presents:  Kooky

Whether it’s EDM, K-Pop, Hip-Hop or R&B – Kooky is already making it and says he hates to limit himself to specific genres.


South Korean DJ / Producer Kooky is already working with well known K-Pop artists and explains why music is now more important than ever before.

What drives and inspires you to make music?


Looking at life and living it is what drives me.  Maybe that’s how my inspiration and creation come about is from my surroundings.


In English, Kooky means ‘strange or eccentric’ – is this something that you feel yourself and your music identify with?


Haha, I was a very unusual kid and Kooky was my nickname until I went to college so I carried the name forward.


South Korea has a vibrant music industry especially as K-Pop has not too long ago become increasingly popular in Western countries.  Can you talk to me about K-Pop and music that influences you?


I’m already getting involved with K-Pop and working with established artists and famous singers so I know it well.  K-Pop has many plots and ups and downs in its sound.  I think the reason we see many scenes filled with these sounds are due to different vocal tendencies which have been influenced by other foreign countries, however American music influences me the most.


You’ve said that your love for music began at an early age – do you remember the reasons behind wanting to pursue a career in music?


My love for music began when I was 12-years-old.  Whenever I was having a hard time, music was always next to me and was the most comforting thing for me so I want to share this experience with everyone, especially in a Covid-19 world, by making and playing this kind of music.


Looking at the music festivals that happen in Korea, there’s a huge variety of festivals. Have you been/played any of them and what is your favourite part about a music festival?


I really love music festivals.  They’re so exciting and they inspire me a lot.  When I’m there, I feel good because it’s like living in a movie.


What sort of things do you like to do when you’re not making music?


I’m always working out and I really love it!  I like travelling the world too, but at the moment it’s very difficult to travel safely.


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